Top 10 Books About The Internet

The Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge and its depth is immeasurable. But to delve deep into this ocean of knowledge one has to become more aware and learned about the Internet and its advantages. As we all know that books are one of the greatest sources of knowledge, it is quite imperative for an enthusiast (willing to know more about the Internet) to consult some important books on the subject. This discussion is devoted to the task of informing readers about some of the valuable books on Internet that have the potential to empower the reader with proper knowledge of the Internet.

An enthusiast must consult the book “The Internet Galaxy” by Manuel Castells as this book provides an extensive overview on the phenomenon called the Internet. Yochai Benkler’s book, “The Wealth of Networks” can also be a very useful for those who want to know more about the Internet and want to explore the world of Internet. The relationship between the Internet and the market system has been explicitly discussed in the concerned book and another great feature of the book is that it is free to be downloaded in PDF form from There is yet another book that can be of much help for readers striving for knowing more about the present and future of the Internet. The book named, “The Future of the Internet, and How To Stop It” by Jonathan Zittrain is a marvel in terms of providing knowledge about the Internet. The book is available in almost all leading book stores and in addition it can be downloaded in PDF version from The book named “Transmission” by Hari Kunzru is yet another good book for readers willing to know more about the Internet. It is a kind of Geek literature and the novel is a quite explicit embodiment of the concerned genre.

Neal Stephenson’s book “Reamde” is also a good book to read and learn more about the Internet. The fiction is with plots that delve deep into the world of the Internet, giving the readers more interest in the subject of concern. It is about the brighter and darker side of the Internet and the readers are surely going to love it. Moreover, the book, “” by Cass Sunstein should also be considered a good book to learn about the Internet. It is more related to the economic side of Internet and its ability to induce and support a free market. The book is presented with arguments and counter-arguments, making it a good one to read and enjoy.